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The 3rd entry into the series has a bit of a convoluted release history.

Vampire Savior was the initial release, with VS2/VH2 being a slightly different versions released several months later. Darkstalkers 3 was the international version on the PS1, a mix of all three games. Finally, Vampire Chronicle was a mashup of all games (ala Hyper Street Fighter II).

Portraits Win Portraits Sketches

All galleries were captured with the arcade versions. The full character list is at 18, combining VS/VS2/VH2.

The first gallery is the portraits from the character selection screen and the Vs screen. The second set of art is the win poses after a match.

The final set is from the intros of VS2 and VH2. Some characters have 2 colors as they are featured in both games. Some contain 2 different sketches. All are quite cool!

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