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Welcome to SFG!
Street Fighter Galleries covers artwork spanning the entire SF universe of games. From in-game captures to official artwork, SFG offers dozens of galleries, covering every game Ryu & co. have ever appeared in. Check the Site Map for a full listing of SF games.

In addition to the regular SF series of games, the site also caters to many other Capcom fighting games. This includes the entire Marvel Vs Series, SNK Vs Series, Other Titles such as Pocket Fighter and Capcom All-Stars and much more. I also put together a Complete SF Game List. Finally, please also note the Links Page. Much of the art found on this site came from other pages. In all cases I've given a link in the index as well as in the art page. If you like any of the art here, please check out the sites from where the art came from!

20th April, 2016

There have been a bunch of housekeeping updates to the site over the last few weeks, none of which anyone would have noticed. I did finally separate the Pocket Fighter section from the Super Puzzle Fighter II X art section. The big addition was courtesy of The Spriter's Resource. There's a full set of rips (= very low res) of the characters from SNK Vs Capcom: Match Of The Millenium. This is the second set of art for this game and they're pretty cool. I wish I had a save game for this so to rip the rest of the game's animations (I captured standing animations ages ago.) In any event, here's a sample now.

SNK Vs Capcom
Match Of The Milennium

Oh, and in related news, I also posted some new rips to my site. If you're interested, check out some WonderSwan Pocket Fighter sprites as well as GameBoy Street Fighter Zero GIFs.

12th March, 2016

After a slew of updates last autumn, it's been quiet around here. Right now, of course, it's all about Street Fighter V and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I've written a few FAQs on SFV as well BTW.

Alex will be released shortly and so I'll update the site with his art then, but otherwise I haven't much to share. Over at the Official Japanese SFV Site they've got some updates on Kiki and Bengus, a pair of official SF artists. Normally I don't put lower-resolution art here, especially when it doesn't fit in any gallery. But Kiki's art of the twelve Dolls and a piece from the SFV Vital Box are both pretty cool and I thought I'd share. Until the DLC characters start rolling out, it'll remain quiet around here.

Street Fighter V: Kiki
Street Fighter V: Bengus

The pic of all 12 dolls is pretty cool and with the additional focus on them, both in artwork and in Cammy's story, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Decapre or even alternate outfit choices.

In addition, the special editions of the Japanese game have an awesome cover. Featuring two of the Battle Costumes (including Hot Ryu) it's spectacular.

Street Fighter V Cover

22nd September, 2015

This is another set of art that's been on the hard drive for some time. Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits is an Android/IOS puzzle game that came out about a year ago. While I've never gotten a chance to play this, the art is pretty solid! There is at least one more set of full art, but I don't have access to that unmarked. There are two galleries here and a pair of posters. All art is courtesy of the the official site and SOS Gamers. Enjoy this awesome SD art!

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits

Oh, and I've added art for F.A.N.G. in SFV. He's the sixteenth and last fighter confirmed for the initial roll-out of Street Fighter V. The six DLC fighters have been confirmed, though we're a long time away from them. Urien, Juri, Guile, Ibuki, M. Bison and Alex are coming. Alex is going to look utterly spectacular IMO.

22nd September, 2015

I proclaimed in January that, "almost all of my art possibilities" had been exhausted and that the site was "nearly complete." Foolish me! Four new galleries in four days and I could do more but my wife has surgery tomorrow. She should take precedent. This gallery isn't the best quality but I've opted to include it for completion purposes and also because I quite like it! There was no one true source, though many were found over at the Capcom Wiki. Several are low resolution, Boman is missing and it is far from a perfect set. However, it was fun going through these and marveling at the caliber of art. I may toss up the second game, but that'll have to wait a day or two.

Rival Schools (Series 2)

21st September, 2015

Three galleries in three days! Oh yeah! Today is Rival Schools. Carrying the Legion Of Heroes suffix in the east, it was renamed United By Fate in the west. I always liked this art even though I never really played the game ages ago. Looking back, I miss those days. Capcom was churning out titles but the artwork was top-notch and I miss the days where arcade fighters were king. Even in the late-90s, I couldn't foresee the genre dying out (outside of more urban markets, like where I live now). In any event, since Sakura is in this one, it's somewhat SF related. I love this art and while there's another gallery out there somewhere (I have it in my All About Capcom Fighters: 1987-2000 book), I don't know if I'll get a full-res set any time soon. For now, gallery #114!

Rival Schools

20th September, 2015

Three updates in three days? Two new galleries? I may even have another for tomorrow! It's a good time! Well, since the Project X Zone gallery was yesterday I figured I'd look to see when the second game was coming out. Oh, in two months! And the official site has art on many of the new characters! How convenient! The downside is that some aren't available and that the returning characters from the first game have no new art at all. That sucks. So, Ryu, Chun-Li and Ken all have the same art. Well, it was worth updating as Bulleta and Felicia from Vampire / Darkstalkers were part of this set. A minor addition, but it's gallery #113!

Project X Zone 2

19th September, 2015

The 112th gallery on the site is dedicated to Project X Zone, the Namco / Sega / Capcom crossover title from a few years ago. With a second game on the horizon I opted to gather up the resources. Sadly, they come from all over and this is a 'complete' set in the loosest sense. Some are high-res images, others are posters with text/graphics, others have text overlaying the fighter, others have backgrounds. It's an ugly set, but hey, it's got Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Juri and Seth, so I guess it's relevant. There's also a full character poster available. Enjoy!

Project X Zone

18th September, 2015

Six weeks since my last update and three new SFV fighters revealed! The cast is looking interesting, truly, with several Zero characters returning. And...less common Zero characters. While SFIV got the Mad Gear/Final Fight gang going (Guy, Cody, Hugo, Poison, Rolento), Birdie, R. Mika and Karin are just weird choices in my opinion. The good news though is that there seems to be a lighthearted theme here. None are very serious (or serious looking) and so I expect the over-the-top nature of Street Fighter to be prevalent in part five. Now, we've seen 12 characters with four remaining (two new, two familiar). The pay model Capcom will be using is going to be we KNOW certain characters won't be left out. (Gouki won't be a standard character, at least) I just wonder if you'll earn in-game 'cash' to unlock later characters and if that 'cash' is a pain in the ass to earn.

Anyway, today we have art for Rainbow Mika, Rashid and Karin and I'm getting pretty psyched for SFV. Enjoy the high-res images!

SFV Reveals!

6th August, 2015

Balrog has been announced for Street Fighter V thus raising the known fighters to nine. Seven remain to be revealed, three of whom will be new. That leaves four familiar faces. They can't all be from SFII could they? I hope not! Though...let's face it, omitting Gouki would be a real surprise. And...the roster won't remain at 16, that's a certainty. Anyway, here's the art for Balrog (Vega) from Capcom Japan. It's worth noting that Shoryuken has the same art, however in lower resolution (but without his name). I chose the higher res version for now. Oh, if only SFV weren't soooo far away!

SFV: Balrog!

4th August, 2015

I was annoyed missing the final DLC for USFIV. So, I installed that stuff and captured another 44 screenshots. The USFIV Alternate Outfits Gallery is now complete, with five alternate costumes for the vanilla SFIV chars and four for SSFIV, AE and USFIV characters. That's 5x25 + 4x19 for a nice total of 201 separate images (plus thumbnails). Stupid endeavor indeed. Check it out if you care to.

Those I Missed

1st August, 2015

Stupid endeavor #99 - Capture alternate outfits for all Ultra Street Fighter IV characters. Well, I'm missing some here, and I don't have the last DLC. However, I thought this was a cool gallery. It's like 5Mb for thumbnails alone, but that's OK. Larger shots exist for all - but I most certainly didn't check the links for all 150+ captures, just a FYI. In any event, here's a full (well, almost full) gallery of all the alternate outfits for all 44 characters in SFIV.

USFIV: Alternate Outfits

25th July, 2015

With Ken and Necalli both confirmed for SFV, 8 of 16 characters have been revealed, way before the game even has an official release date. This sounds like Decapre all over again. Anyways, Capcom Japan's SFV page has some official art for the new fighters. The art is on backgrounds, but some day we'll have clean art. For today's update is the four new fighters and a poster both courtesy of that site. I'm digging it!!!

SFV: Series 1

16th July, 2015

Having gone back recently to get alternate color swaps for a lot of games, I looked at Marvel Super Heroes and grabbed alternate win-screen shots for all characters (there's no alt for Dr. Doom or Thanos). Adding to the unnecessary, here's an updated gallery (which hadn't been touched in about a decade!) to MSH

MSH Alternates

15th July, 2015

As promised, many of the updates I've been sitting on are getting a nice roll-out, especially after I stated the site was effectively 'done' in a prior update. Nope! Today's update consists solely of Street Fighter Zero 3 artwork, though nothing is truly glorious. Most are just fixes and minor additions. I will thank -Whiplash- for providing me with some missing SFZ3UU character rips. Rather than go through all the updates, I'll just refer you to the SFZ3 page as it now has seven galleries (two being duplicates). The largest update is to Series 2A which is palette swaps of all 25 arcade characters. There's my nifty mouseover script to reduce the number of images on a page, but here's a Vega sample. I don't know what else I'm backlogged on. Hopefully there's something more in the near future!

SFZ3 Portraits: Vega

9th July, 2015

Still backlogged on some galleries but I'll be out of town for a few, so why not toss something new up. This gallery is the artwork from the victory screens from Street Fighter III: New Generation. The art comes from the official artbook from that game that someone scanned. The scans are not the greatest quality, Oro's art is particularly washed out, but the rest are quite good and in decent resolution (~500x700 for the most part). It's the sixth gallery from that game and this time I made the thumbnails a bit bigger. Gone are the low-bandwidth days of 2003! In any event, these are cool, I'll give two larger samples and will be back next week to hopefully toss up some more! Enjoy!

SFIII: New Generation: Victory Screens

12th June, 2015

So I'm updating all this old stuff (SFZ3 is like 17 years old now...*sigh*) and *BAM*, Street Fighter V info. I should have known, being E3 and all. Anyways, here's a quick update! Street Fighter V Art! Need I say more? These are from Shoryuken and they're all high-res images (but have backgrounds). Enjoy the first official gallery from the fifth entry! I'm psyched!

SFV: Series 1

7th June, 2015

I have a handful of updates coming up and considering my motivation goes in waves, I don't want to lose the momentum. If (and when) that happens, I'll be left with a bevy of updates that I've forgotten to let you know about. So, the first of a few new gallery updates is from Super Street Fighter II X. In August of 2014 I went through the game capturing all of the endings. Like so many other galleries, there those captures sat on the hard drive. Until today! So, the sixth gallery for SSF2X comes in the form of a low-res endings gallery. Enjoy!

SSF2X Endings

31st January, 2015

I haven't updated in a year?'s hard to believe it's been that long, but once again, I've exhausted almost all of my art possibilities and I dare say this site is nearly complete! Well, there's no worry, more art will always come in and while this announcement is from a few weeks ago, I thought it was time to share. Street Fighter V, a number we all seriously never thought we'd see, has been announced. Three characters are known (Ryu, Chun-Li and Nash) and...that's about it. Since that's all old news, all I have to update is an image of the logo. I might as well include the promoted box art too, as it's the only piece of art we have. Of course I'm the wait!!!


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