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Welcome to SFG!
Street Fighter Galleries covers artwork spanning the entire SF universe of games. From in-game captures to official artwork, SFG offers dozens of galleries, covering every game Ryu & co. have ever appeared in. Check the Site Map for a full listing of SF games.

In addition to the regular SF series of games, the site also caters to many other Capcom fighting games. This includes the entire Marvel Vs Series, SNK Vs Series, Other Titles such as Pocket Fighter and Capcom All-Stars and much more. I also put together a Complete SF Game List. Finally, please also note the Links Page. Much of the art found on this site came from other pages. In all cases I've given a link in the index as well as in the art page. If you like any of the art here, please check out the sites from where the art came from!

6th August, 2015

Balrog has been announced for Street Fighter V thus raising the known fighters to nine. Seven remain to be revealed, three of whom will be new. That leaves four familiar faces. They can't all be from SFII could they? I hope not! Though...let's face it, omitting Gouki would be a real surprise. And...the roster won't remain at 16, that's a certainty. Anyway, here's the art for Balrog (Vega) from Capcom Japan. It's worth noting that Shoryuken has the same art, however in lower resolution (but without his name). I chose the higher res version for now. Oh, if only SFV weren't soooo far away!

SFV: Balrog!

4th August, 2015

I was annoyed missing the final DLC for USFIV. So, I installed that stuff and captured another 44 screenshots. The USFIV Alternate Outfits Gallery is now complete, with five alternate costumes for the vanilla SFIV chars and four for SSFIV, AE and USFIV characters. That's 5x25 + 4x19 for a nice total of 201 separate images (plus thumbnails). Stupid endeavor indeed. Check it out if you care to.

Those I Missed

1st August, 2015

Stupid endeavor #99 - Capture alternate outfits for all Ultra Street Fighter IV characters. Well, I'm missing some here, and I don't have the last DLC. However, I thought this was a cool gallery. It's like 5Mb for thumbnails alone, but that's OK. Larger shots exist for all - but I most certainly didn't check the links for all 150+ captures, just a FYI. In any event, here's a full (well, almost full) gallery of all the alternate outfits for all 44 characters in SFIV.

USFIV: Alternate Outfits

25th July, 2015

With Ken and Necalli both confirmed for SFV, 8 of 16 characters have been revealed, way before the game even has an official release date. This sounds like Decapre all over again. Anyways, Capcom Japan's SFV page has some official art for the new fighters. The art is on backgrounds, but some day we'll have clean art. For today's update is the four new fighters and a poster both courtesy of that site. I'm digging it!!!

SFV: Series 1

16th July, 2015

Having gone back recently to get alternate color swaps for a lot of games, I looked at Marvel Super Heroes and grabbed alternate win-screen shots for all characters (there's no alt for Dr. Doom or Thanos). Adding to the unnecessary, here's an updated gallery (which hadn't been touched in about a decade!) to MSH

MSH Alternates

15th July, 2015

As promised, many of the updates I've been sitting on are getting a nice roll-out, especially after I stated the site was effectively 'done' in a prior update. Nope! Today's update consists solely of Street Fighter Zero 3 artwork, though nothing is truly glorious. Most are just fixes and minor additions. I will thank -Whiplash- for providing me with some missing SFZ3UU character rips. Rather than go through all the updates, I'll just refer you to the SFZ3 page as it now has seven galleries (two being duplicates). The largest update is to Series 2A which is palette swaps of all 25 arcade characters. There's my nifty mouseover script to reduce the number of images on a page, but here's a Vega sample. I don't know what else I'm backlogged on. Hopefully there's something more in the near future!

SFZ3 Portraits: Vega

9th July, 2015

Still backlogged on some galleries but I'll be out of town for a few, so why not toss something new up. This gallery is the artwork from the victory screens from Street Fighter III: New Generation. The art comes from the official artbook from that game that someone scanned. The scans are not the greatest quality, Oro's art is particularly washed out, but the rest are quite good and in decent resolution (~500x700 for the most part). It's the sixth gallery from that game and this time I made the thumbnails a bit bigger. Gone are the low-bandwidth days of 2003! In any event, these are cool, I'll give two larger samples and will be back next week to hopefully toss up some more! Enjoy!

SFIII: New Generation: Victory Screens

12th June, 2015

So I'm updating all this old stuff (SFZ3 is like 17 years old now...*sigh*) and *BAM*, Street Fighter V info. I should have known, being E3 and all. Anyways, here's a quick update! Street Fighter V Art! Need I say more? These are from Shoryuken and they're all high-res images (but have backgrounds). Enjoy the first official gallery from the fifth entry! I'm psyched!

SFV: Series 1

7th June, 2015

I have a handful of updates coming up and considering my motivation goes in waves, I don't want to lose the momentum. If (and when) that happens, I'll be left with a bevy of updates that I've forgotten to let you know about. So, the first of a few new gallery updates is from Super Street Fighter II X. In August of 2014 I went through the game capturing all of the endings. Like so many other galleries, there those captures sat on the hard drive. Until today! So, the sixth gallery for SSF2X comes in the form of a low-res endings gallery. Enjoy!

SSF2X Endings

31st January, 2015

I haven't updated in a year?'s hard to believe it's been that long, but once again, I've exhausted almost all of my art possibilities and I dare say this site is nearly complete! Well, there's no worry, more art will always come in and while this announcement is from a few weeks ago, I thought it was time to share. Street Fighter V, a number we all seriously never thought we'd see, has been announced. Three characters are known (Ryu, Chun-Li and Nash) and...that's about it. Since that's all old news, all I have to update is an image of the logo. I might as well include the promoted box art too, as it's the only piece of art we have. Of course I'm the wait!!!


29th March, 2014

Strange that Capcom announced USFIV so long ago. Teasing us with four characters and a new fifth character eight months ago (with several still left until release) was odd. Regardless of the warning signs (that we wouldn't be in love with this new fighter) the hype train built and when Decapre was announced, let's just say people weren't so enthusiastic. However I think she will be a good addition; rounding out the cast at 44 and putting a close to the Street Fighter IV nobody ever believed would come out. I find it remarkable that SFIV was announced over six years ago. I look forward to getting USFIV.

So, while Decapre was underwhelming to many, this site is devoted to art and I simply couldn't leave her out! I've added the fifth character to the USFIV gallery and figured I'd share some of the sprite rips I did ages ago for my personal site. I ripped several sprites of Decapre from SFZ3 and posted them on the 21st of March, 2005. Wow, 9 years ago this past week!!! Anyways here's her official artwork and those sprites for your enjoyment.


SFZ3 Decapre Rips

26th October, 2013

It's been two months without an update but today has a quick, cool poster update. I'm still pretty psyched about Ultra Street Fighter IV and I'm certainly excited to see the expanded roster and tweaks to the final SF4 game. It's hard to believe we waited SO long for a fourth iteration and now it's been out for five years already! Anyways, with the news issued yesterday about the new double supers & red focus attacks also came a cool poster which is highlighted below. A small update but I'm happy things are still trickling out. I imagine the next update will feature artwork for the fifth added character...whoever that ends up to be!!! Enjoy!

26th August, 2013

After updating both the Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV indexes, it was time to clean up the Street Fighter II page. This now contains logos for all twelve (!12!) SF2 titles and links to all the galleries as well. It's not really anything that wasn't already on the site. However, it's cleaned up and a bit more organized. I'm happy with it! Here's an animated logo just because.

19th July, 2013

Just a quick update on Ultra Street Fighter IV. I've tossed up images of the character's alternate outfits. These are official Capcom designs and I figured why not put them online!? There are just the four and there's also a poster of the game, all from Capcom Unity. That marks the 108th art gallery (+ 6 misc) on these pages. Quite nice indeed! Enjoy!

19th July, 2013

I haven't updated any of my sites in quite a while. After all these years, I've lost a little inspiration. It comes and it goes, though, and I fully expect to feel the rekindled love with web editing. In addition, the SF world has been lacking in true news, so it's been convenient.

This past week, however, there was a pretty big announcement. Ultra Street Fighter IV!!! I have to say I didn't see this coming, but it's a delightful addition to the SF4 world and I think this will be the last update we get. For $15 (DLC) or $40 (retail), I think it looks like an awesome package. I endeavor to get the new character artwork up soon, but for now, here's the game logo in all its glory! I'm pretty psyched about this...even if my competitive SF days are far behind me. :)


Late Update
OK, fine...I'll update the art. Might as well cash-in on this inspiration. Only four new character portraits, so check them all out here.


24th January, 2013

Back in the winter of 2002, I came down with bronchitis. As a child, I would often get it around my birthday and in my mid-20s it happened again. I was 26 years old and very ill. As I sat at home, I came up with the plans that would eventually be Street Fighter Galleries. It took a good three years before the site would officially be done as I changed designs a few times and tweaked things. However, as I was still very much into web design and I wanted a way to collect all the awesome Street Fighter art in one place, I was excited about the endeavor.

Now it's 11 years later and I'm approaching my late-30s. It's remarkable how certain things are precisely as they were back them (Love me some SF!) but others are so outrageously different (four kids?!?!) As I emerged from a long hospital stay and recover, it reminds me of those old days of web design. Of course I started all this back in '95, so by 2002 I was already a veteran. But now SFG is 11 years old and I'm still proud to be at the helm, updating with the awesome art Capcom has published over the 25 years of SF history. In celebration of this anniversary, I started putting together a massive amount of updates. What started as a goal to hit 100 galleries has changed to a huge overhaul of almost half the site. In fact, this update alone is the largest since the site launched over a decade ago. There's no real easy way to cite all the updates - but I'll let you know what's new and what's changed.

Super Street Fighter II

Super Street Fighter II X

Street Fighter III Start Page (Revamped) (+ new, cleaned-up logos)

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Online Edition

Street Fighter IV Start Page (Revamped)

Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter Zero 3

Marvel VS Games Start Page (Revamped)

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Start Page (Updated)

  • 2 new posters

Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter Start Page (Updated)

Marvel Vs. Capcom

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pocket Fighter

  • 1 new poster

SNK Vs. Capcom: Chaos

So...all in all, that's a BIG update. The biggest of thanks to Arcade Gear (Formerly Jap-Sai) as a lot of the new material comes from their oustanding site. I still have a few little things to do, but as I'll be returning to work soon, I wanted to make sure I got this update posted in time for the big anniversary. It's not so big...this is all I'm going to really post about it. Still 11 years later, there are 106 galleries on this site (+6 misc ones) and I'm damn proud to have it going so long. Enjoy the updates and let me know if you like what you see!

And...I need to put some samples because these new galleries are just so good. In particular I love the SSF2X ones (all 4), the updated SF3: 2nd Impact and, surprisingly, the Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter gallery.


28th December, 2012

Capcom barely celebrated Mega Man's 25th anniversary with the epic Street Fighter X Mega Man downloadable title. I checked it out, briefly. While I didn't give it the time it deserves, partly because I didn't have a game pad plugged in (doing that with a keyboard is a nightmare), I did take a few minutes to capture the character artwork. It's nothing super special, and the entire gallery will be previewed below. However, it's the 93rd gallery on the site (with 6 misc. galleries) which means the next will be the 100th. That's kinda cool. OK, here's your preview and have a happy and safe new year if I don't post before then!

Blanka Chun-Li C. Viper Dhalsim
Rolento Rose Ryu Urien

24th December, 2012

Today has been a good day for Vampire/Darkstalkers. First off, I finally published my sprawling Vampire Savior FAQ which covers ever single iteration of the awesome third game in the series. Seeing as how there are three arcade titles and seven home ports, there's a lot to cover. I'm proud of the lot so check it out if you so desire.

Second, I tossed together a Vampire Logo Collection with every title of every game. This includes titles that never were released (like Night Warriors 2). It's a minor thing, but I had already done it with Street Fighter, so why not?

Finally, the last pieces of artwork for Vampire Resurrection have come out and they round out one of the strongest art galleries I've ver seen by Capcom. I'll let you decide for yourself, but the sample here is for Pyron - So cool! Enjoy this and your Christmas. Safe new year too! Remember, 2013 is the 10-year anniversary of this site. Madness!


1st December, 2012

Street Fighter Galleries is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. What started out as a simple hobby, a means to collect art for myself, it has grown beyond my expectations. I've just uploaded my 90th full gallery and decided to make some changes to one section of the site.

Today's main update is for the upcoming Vampire / Darkstalkers Resurrection release coming in March. The collection of Vampire Hunter / Night Warriors and Vampire Savior / Darkstalkers 3 is coming out and I've been doing a lot of research on the multiple games for a potential FAQ. Here's your sample of the art as Capcom Japan has started posting the new character portraits. It turns out they're really quite good. I'll continue updating with art as it's revealed.


That's some awesome stuff right there. However, like I mentioned, there was more to this update. I've decided to include all the Vampire / Darkstalkers games to the left navigation. There are now five sets of games there and their convoluted history has been fun to research. While this site is obviously dedicated to Street Fighter, the art of these games is certainly worthy of place on this site. This is a small thing, but with another Vampire game coming out in the future, I expect more galleries to come. I can't wait.

4th November, 2012

Last weekend I got the inspiration to do something stupid. I captured all of Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha's character art again, this time including all the color swaps. It was a useless endeavor, but the end product is kind of cool.

I used my familiar mouseover script to reduce the number of entries on the page. Since I captured all the alternate characters as well (Shin Gouki, Evil Ryu, Chun-Li's classic outfit, SSF2 colors and Sakura's extra set of swaps), it was a large number, over 130 in all. Check them out if you care to. I kept the original gallery for those not interested in such ridiculousness.


23rd October, 2012

Capcom Japan's page has updated with Vampire Resurrection. I just uploaded the logo...that's all for today.


13th October, 2012

I have quite enjoyed this new resurgence of art and activity on this site. As my Tony Hawk Site was recently torn from my hands unexpectedly, this is now my 2nd-longest running site. In any event, the new news is about Darkstalkers Revenge, a collection of the second and third titles in the awesome Vampire / Darkstalkers series of games. Now, they omitted the first game, understandably, but I'm not really sure how Darkstalkers 3 fits in. I realize it came out on the PS1 with that title, but the original arcade game (which is what we're emulating here) had a convoluted release history. Vampire Savior, Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2 are all slightly different. I'll have to see if I still have Darkstalkers 3 somewhere to compare.

Back on task, today is just a poster from the new collection, much like what I did with Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins. No new dedicated art, but a logo and a poster will have to do! Enjoy!


6th October, 2012

While on harvest break (3 weeks off of school for potato harvest), I had the motivation to go back to X-Men Vs. Street Fighter. Since I'd done that, why not rip the alternate colors and hidden characters in both Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter and the last CPS2 game of its kind, Marvel Vs. Capcom?

So, what we have today is just fixes for existing galleries, really. Both ripped artwork in MSF (series #2 and series #3) have been re-captured with all the characters and colors. This includes Mephisto, US Agent, Mech Gouki, Dark Sakura, Armored Spider-Man and Mega Zangief. What once was art I disliked, I've come to really enjoy.

On to Marvel Vs. Capcom, the release of Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins has really made me look back fondly to this time of my life. This is just prior to 3D taking over everything in gaming (it had started, I realize, but 2D still had a foothold). In any event, I went back and recapped the win poses gallery. Like MSF, this includes alternate colors and all hidden fighters (Shadow Lady, Orange Hulk, Lilith, Carnage, Mega War Machine and Roll). I ought to head back to the Supers 2 gallery and redo those. Perhaps. Perhaps.

I think that's enough for the day. Ultimately, these are just small updates and I've added no new galleries. It's OK though. I still really enjoy this site. Hopefully you enjoy the art galleries as much.

1st October, 2012

After the last update, I figured why not check out the other gallery from XSF and look at this? The same problem as before! So, once again here you'll get the full artwork for each character (two for Chun-Li) as well as both color variants (mouseover them). Apocalypse is featured here, but not in full res. The same thing as yesterday. I love this stuff!

Old New

1st October, 2012

There are still some galleries that need editing/uploading but I haven't had the time as of late. In addition, there are some more behind-the-scenes updates that I haven't posted (and more to complete). However, as Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins has just launched on both the PS3 and Xbox360, I felt the urge to revisit yesteryear and check out the titles that kept us going to arcades in the late 90s. It's funny, because by then, the arcade was (in many places) dying out. It felt like the heyday (SF2 - 1992!) was so far away, but in reality, it was just a few years removed. Now, it's 15 years since these titles graced the arcade...and alas! I feel old.


OK, back on task. There are two cool updates today.

First is a Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins Poster. This massive image is from Capcom Unity and is pretty cool. Since there is no art for the title, you'll have to chek out each's individual section (MSH, MVC) for what I've got.

This got me interested so I checked out some old stuff. Specifically, I figured I'd capture the alternate colors for characters in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (can someone tell me why XSF and MSF weren't included?) I had done the alternate color thing in one MSF gallery, and thought it looked cool. However, upon checking out what I had, I realized I was missing something! Now, considering I'm losing my mind taking care of kids while on vacation, this small thing is actualy exciting for me! You can see in the comparison below what the issue was. I had captured images from when a character used a super rather than the larger image from the character select screen. I'm pretty psyched and think the 'new' gallery looks rather awesome. You have alternate colors for all characters (mouseover them!) but Apocalypse is from my old captures and is smaller. I hope you enjoy these!

Old New

More to come as always!!!

12th March, 2012

I managed some updates behind the scenes in the last few months. I had a log file but I have since lost it. Not entirely sure what I updated, but I know for certain there was a new Street Fighter Zero 2 gallery uploaded. With today's update, I think that makes a total of 90 galleries on the site. Not too shabby for a site that's like 10 years old or something!

However, today's update is artwork from Street Fighter X Tekken. It's a pretty good game, a fun romp, if you will. The gallery in question covers avatars that were made available on the PSN this past week. The images are cool, smaller versions of the artwork I need to get on the site. For now, it'll do though, and I included the Tekken characters too. Enjoy this and I hope to get the rest up soon!

Gouki Poison
Images from Capcom Unity

28th August, 2011 - SF3:3S-OE

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Online Edition is out and of course, I had no choice but to purchase it. Of course, I have it on the Dreamcast (all 3 SF3 games) and on the PS2...but one last time can't hurt! Scouring the net I found both the avatars and full set of high-res artwork! Many thanks to Creative Uncut, a source I'll use again for some other incomplete sets of mine. These are all awesome and look spectacular. I'll toss up a preview and you should enjoy my first update in over a year!

SF3:3S - OE
Gill Ibuki
Images from Creative Uncut

25th July, 2010 - MVC3 - More to come?

I tossed up a Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 gallery, using some good high-res images. There will be plenty more to come. I've also gone through the Game List, bringing it closer to being up-to-date. There is now a link to the Logo Collection to the left, also brought up-to-date. Actually, I'm missing a few, and I plan on getting Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stuff up as well as the new info on Street Fighter X Tekken (and later Tekken X Street Fighter). But I did toss up a quick image of the Online Edition of 3rd Strike. So much new stuff! Enjoy!

28th February, 2010 - Three More Four

Three more images from Super Street Fighter IV. The latest include Dudley, Makoto and Ibuki, the folks from Street Fighter III.

Brief update today, but also a reminder that this site launched 8 years ago this month. I'm sick this weekend, much as I was then. I was really sick back in 2002 and I rested by crafting a new site! 8 years. That's crazy.

19th November, 2009 - More IV

Some new images have been posted over at Capcom Unity and I've compiled them into the SSF4 Page. You can now find Dan, El Fuerte and Rufus. Of course, the big news today is that Adon, Cody and Guy are all verified as well for the new game! I'm kinda happy about Adon, but couldn't care less about the Final Fight guys. I never liked them in the Zero series. That brings our new fighters up to 6 (Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Juri, and these 3). I think they said there would be 8, so what's left? I sure would like a pair of new fighters. I don't particularly need to see anyone from SF3. I think 3 new fighters would be a pretty cool addition, but I doubt we'll see that. More to come!

1st October, 2009 - Super Street Fighter IV!!!

Update: 5th October
Sagat and C. Viper's images are now available in the section below, all courtesy of Capcom Unity!

Update: 2nd October
Dee Jay's pic has also been uploaded as well! I like this new set of art already!

It was no surprise that it was coming, but I'm totally psyched about the unveiling of Super Street Fighter IV. I found that SF4 did everything right. It mixed every classic element and character, with updated visuals while staying true to the 2D plane. It was easier to get into for the average gamer yet felt deep enough for the more advanced user. It was fun, looked great, sounded great and had a great mix of new and old (focus on old). Mixing it up with this update, I am just pumped. So, the first official art is out and you can find the updates in the Logo Gallery, the Site Map, and of course in the Street Fighter IV pages. Only two shots for now, but the official art for Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Juri will be coming soon, I'm sure. I'll post both shots and note that I linked to sexy high-res versions. Read: they're large pics!

Super Street Fighter IV
Ken Ryu
Images from Capcom Unity

2nd May, 2009 - SFEX2+ Images

Back in 2003 I scanned a few images from my Street Fighter EX2 Plus strategy guide. The art for the game was awesome, but I never got around to scanning and editing the whole lot. There they sat, for 6 long years. I figured I'd toss them up. They're good scans and are are in nice high resolution. For a sample, here's the whole lot. Perhaps one day I'll get to the rest, I don't see it happening any time soon though!

Street Fighter EX 2
Kairi Nanase Sagat Shadowgeist

I went back and recapped one of the sets of art from Marvel Vs. Capcom. The final set here consisted of JPGs, another bad choice on my part from like 6 years ago. GIFs now for the most part look the same, but are better quality. I wonder what else there is I've missed. Brought other parts of the site up-to-date and tidy too. 7 years old! Wow!

Old Updates?

Looking for older updates? Can't see why...but news bits dating bcak to 2003 can all can be found here.

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